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A frequent increase in technological advancements has led to a crisis where it is difficult for consumers to understand what is best for them. Many aren’t updated with the latest news of technology and many know little about technology at all.

Because of the alternate teaching method, i.e. online teaching…

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Most of the people don’t research before they work as a freelancer, whether it is part-time or full-time. Similarly, I didn’t research about it, I just wanted to make a couple of bucks with the knowledge I possessed. By the time I joined freelancing platforms, I was completing my CAIE…

A prime minister is basically the head of the cabinet in a parliamentary system of government. Most of the countries' prime Ministers are remembered because of their loyalty to their country, competence and what they do for the community. …

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On 27th October 2021, Intel, an international technology company, announced the fresh addition to their processors list, i.e. the 12th generation processors. Each processor has a unique architecture on which effective memory processing relies on. For instance, the majority of Ryzen’s processors run on AMD’s Zen 3 micro-architecture.

The New Architecture:


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